14041 West Road
Houston This design and rendering was produced for an engineering firm developing its commercial property in west Houston.
FA2 pearland tx
ITC Guard house
East Houston This sentinel of a large volume industrial park incorporates materials of the the surrounding structures in a modern aesthetic.
FA3 pearland tx
Ice Cold Ice Distribution and retail warehouse in southwest Houston.
IndustriaBerry brook drone pearland tx
High-Tile Storage Arial View
office building layout pearland tx
RTI Aeronautic Alloys production offices and Phased build outs
Design Concept Rendering
Industrial 1
Fire suppression storage tank for High-pile storage, dry pipe sprinkler system supplying two new warehouses, 12,000 SF and 3,000 SF near South Houston.
Industrial Replacement 2 pearland tx
High-pile storage facility with required Houston Fire Department exits, Knox boxes, ventilation.
Industrial Replacement pearland tx
High-pile storage facility; steel structure and shell by Whirlwind® quality steel building suppliers
Line X of Sugarland
Line X at Sugarland, TX
Complete Interior Renovation Including Paint Booths

Safety first directed industrial architects with extensive experience.

Industrial warehouses require a very specific design approach. Every facility brings various functional, safety, and accessibility needs, requiring a coordinated strategy. We design safe and efficient industrial buildings. Foxleyarchitecture has assisted industrial clients with high pile storage, logistic hubs, light manufacturing and aeronautical alloy production. Our industrial design architects can envision and document your final facility that supports your long-term business goals, and your technical work flow needs. Our design services are tailored to you while advocating safety, efficiency, and longevity. Get in touch with foxleyarchitecture today to learn more about how we can expedite your building project. 

what are the phases of typical industrial projects?

  • Pre-design: Site evaluation, code review, programming etc.
  • Schematic design: When plans are schematic in nature and indicate essential relationships of proposed spaces. Exterior elevations and possibly full building sections are provided to convey spatial concepts.
  • Bidding and Negotiation: this may happen at incrementally at any time once drawings start being produced, but typically occurs after a full set of construction documents are substantially complete.
  • Design development: When plans are developed with appropriate additional detailed plans and critical information. This phase is often defined by each project type due to various complexity of systems, equipment and project delivery types.
  • Construction drawings: When building design intent is most fully documented including details schedules and coordinating engineering trades for review by governing bodies and final pricing and/or general contractor bids.
  • Project administration: Once construction has started; may include site reports, additional drawings/sketches and written clarifications, RFIs RFCs: Requests for information or clarifications, sample submittal, mock-up reviews etc.

Our process remains similar for all design projects. Get your industrial design project started by contacting foxleyarchitecture today.

Call to meet our industrial team.

foxleyarchitecture has been providing innovative and dependable architectural design services since 2002. We work smart to provide problem-solving design solutions for industrial clients, looking to maximize efficiency in their business. Our industrial team will take the time to get to know your unique needs, and customize services to fit them. We are prompt when it comes to communication, scheduling, and service. foxleyarchitecture, delivers peace of mind, knowing your project will get done professionally the first time.

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